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A Plan for a Relaxing Day Off

A Plan for a Relaxing Day Off

Stay in bed as long you want - no "shoulds" or "have to's" allowed.

Have a leisurely breakfast, read the paper (or your iPad), listen to music, take your time.

Take a long bath or brisk shower, put on your favorite feel-good outfit.

Head out for a walk around your neighborhood — maybe try and check out a destination that you don't feel you have time to investigate during busy work days and chore-filled weekends — a park, a cafe, a new shop or maybe just a street of homes that appeal to you. Have fun; explore, observe and investigate.

Spend the afternoon doing whatever you feel like - no more, no less. A selection of sample perfect lazy afternoon activities:
-see a movie
-explore a bookstore
-eat a light lunch, alfresco
-take a nap
-do a mini-marathon of that show you've been wanting to watch
-bake a batch of cookies
-be creative: knit, sew, craft, make music, blog, pin
-meet a friend for coffee or a cocktail

For dinner, either call in your favorite delivery option or make a simple, yet satisfying home cooked meal that you'll really have time to savor - like a roast chicken or a new-to-you pasta dish.
Head to bed early with a good book, relaxed and ready for a good nights rest.


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